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Ekavira is a designer label that endeavors to create clothing that makes you shine. A style that is comfortable and contemporary, Ekavira intends to dress you up in contemporary easy clothing that makes you feel special. With focus on beautiful fabrics and impeccable finish, & Ekavira offers Womens wear, Menswear and kids clothing. The label transcends from timeless to festive pieces, believing that personal style is never out of fashion. Ekavira offers three clothing lines each with a distinct style and offering that unique in its own way.


Inspired by all things beautiful and happy, I have always been driven to make a statement . I grew up seeing my mother create garments in her boutique and believe that it subconsciously imbibed a flair for style in me.

With a background in history honors; I have been a keen admirer of art, travel and heritage. I believe being yourself is unique and it’s a thought process I follow even while creating garments. For me, its the wearer who is the center point. I say this from personal experience. I have always been passionate about dressing up. Its the confidence and the glow that radiates from within your personality that makes the clothes look beautiful. And not the other way round.

It’s never really about trends or fashion or even the clothes. I truly believe its about comfort and confidence which reflects clearly in my creations. I am a flag bearer of personal style and hence Ekavira is all about you. A line of soulful clothing that I create with pure love and sparkle.

Ekavira was conceived in 2022 soon after I became a mother. This label is a dedication to my daughter and hence is named after her. This label is a journey of dreams and aspirations. A conscious effort to see you happy and confident through clothing that makes you shine.

I am happy to have you as a part of my journey. Hoping my clothes bring the sparkle I wish to see.

Onwards and upwards from here.

With Love

Meet our Co-founder

Vineet Tiwari

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